Welcome to my regional honey portal for Frankfurt and the Rhein Main region!

My life as a beekeper around Frankfurt

I am a beekeeper or apiculturist from Neu-Isenburg, which is just south of Frankfurt. I live 800 metres away from the municipal forest of Frankfurt and later in the year my bees frequently fly into the Frankfurt forest (Stadtwald Frankfurt) to collect nectar and pollen. I have several bee hives. Each beehive contains approximately 30’000-50’000 bees. They are all working hard to collect honey from Frankfurt and Neu-Isenburg. A bee typically flies in a radius of 3km around the beehive. So my bees easily make it to Frankfurt.

A beehive produces roughly 20-30 kg of honey each year, but it is also a lot of work to maintain the bees and keep them healthy and safe. Regular checks, about once a week, are required. During the fall we treat the bees against a mite that intruded from Asia in the 70ies. I only use natural medication for this treatment. In addition to this treatment the bees are fed to bring them safely over the winter period, where they cannot fly out and produce any honey.

My local honey is fully handmade.

At the end of spring or summer the wooden frames are removed from the beehive and are placed into a centrifuge, where the honey leaves the beecombs. The honey is slightly filtered to remove any visible particles. The honey still contains the local pollen and I have several customers, which use the honey for a desensibilization therapy with regards to their allergies. After the centrifuge the honey is manually filled into the honey jars and weighted during this process.

Local honey products.

I collect the honey from my bees and also some propolis, which is said to have many valuable medical properties. The honey is filled into 500gr or 250gr glasses. Typically I am lucky and collect different types of honey, such as a flower honey in spring and a darker type of forest honey later in the year. I sell the honey in jars for 4 EUR, or 8 EUR respectively for the large glasses with 500gr. Honey can be exported from Germany but it is considered a liquid, so you should make sure that you put the honey in your checked-in baggage.

You need honey?

If you are interested in trying my honey you can call me at +49 176 344 24 584.